Sunday, 22 April 2007

This is rather new

Hi there.
Don't be shy, I know you came across this page whilst looking for naughty blogs involving women doing cheeky things, but I'm afraid you won't get any of that here. (Well...maybe from time to time.)

This isn't my first blog... the first started off in a similar way, however it was hijacked by politics, and I need somewhere to write random things, inkeeping with my randomness.

I'm going to review music, films, games, and all sorts of crap. I'm thinking that probably nobody will read this; but to be honest, I've got way too much free time to care.

It's either this, or waxing my fish.

I decided to go with the blog, because the last time a waxing took place, fish-tears were cried.


Blogger darkeneddreams said...

How can you have so much free time? You should free rather bad, some of us actually study at uni ;p

25 March 2009 at 14:54


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