Monday, 5 November 2007

Not amused.

Recently, on perusing the popular Facebook group "The Daily Mail really are a bunch of ******* *****", I saw that an interesting high-brow article had been written about "ladettes" and whatnot.

The article goes on to show a number of embarassing facebook photos, and passes gleeful judgement on the subjects, and the state of the world as a result:

The ladettes who glorify their shameful drunken antics on Facebook

But no, you don't care about their wellbeing, oh thoughtful Daily Mail people, you just wanted a cheap article that'd fill your "daily hate" quota, and free pictures from a social networking site did that well. I imagine plenty of male readers sitting at their computers with reproachful faces, whilst clicking "Save to my pictures". Not only did the article publish the photos from the group, but published the and full names and schools of the girls in question. Could this be the first example of Facebook being unethically exploited?

I know the internet isn't private, and it'd be naive to think so, but I didn't think I was being naive when I assumed nobody would use the semi-private information for their own gain. Once again, I'm dismayed at human nature.

My rant continues however, with the comments made by readers of the article, who pass easy judgement on the girls, as if they don't remember ever being young - "Good heavens, I've never touched a drop in my life!" and "...well it's alright, because I didn't inhale".
"Vee" from East London makes the concise statement: "Disgusting, no self respect." Ah, I see. Because constructive criticism like this automatically induces feelings of self-worth and pride. I feel all warm and fuzzy. She probably has a point though, as self-respect is gained through praise and kindness...two concepts which bewilder the Daily Mail, and make it shout "Get out of my country!" instinctively.

"Dec765" suggests that "their parents must be proud". What many people seem to forget is that I am what you made me. I'm a product of your modern popular culture - having the pubs open 24/7 doesn't drive me to drink, but being told I'm obese, unfit, stupid, unattractive, sad and lonely certainly makes the idea appealing.

I'm fed up of adults (despite me technically being one) telling young people how shit they are. That's right, I swore. Something I rarely do on here. I try my hardest to be a good person, despite the hate-fueled articles, and the shocking youth statistics, but with the media being at the gutter-loving stage that it is, I give up. I'll conform to your expectations of me, and rob an elderly couple. Because adults are so perfect. Yeah. Well you broke the planet.

The Mail seems to revel in its position as the abusive family member, who visits at Christmas, and tells little Timmy that he's fat, and that the GCSE's he just took could be passed by the Christmas Pudding. He swigs sherry from the bottle whilst shouting at you to drink your ginger beer more slowly, or you'll become a binge-drinking, guardian-reading, jumping-wearing socialist. You cry. He tells you to stop being soft, and then falls over.

Just remember, Generation X, that when you're old and doddery, my generation will be in control. Those unruly kids who you so happily dismissed as wasted, will be in charge of your future. Be nice to them, as hard as it may be for you.

So yes, Andrew Levy, those girls possibly do have low self-respect. And I'm glad to see you're doing something constructive about it. You really do provide a useful service to mankind.


Blogger Geoff said...

The Daily Mail hates women. That article really proves it. You can't get much more exploitative.

5 November 2007 at 20:32

Blogger Cal said...

It was also in the "Femail" section, which shows how idiotic they are...

5 November 2007 at 20:34


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