Thursday, 25 October 2007

Fanny Hill - Review

The title of this review will probably add nicely to my hit-count, with people accidentally stumbling across this page whilst looking for *something else*, which is rather good.

Seeing the adverts on the BBC for this period drama, and having assumed that BBC4 was the sort of high-brow-low-thrills type of channel, I thought I'd give this a watch. I even persuaded my flatmates to join me, in this educational and improving pursuit.
Me - Come watch Fanny Hill with me, it looks really interesting..

Them - What's it about?

Me - I'm not sure, but it's got a rude word in the title... it must be good

Little did I know, that Fanny Hill was indeed a rude programme, creating the fifteen most uncomfortable minutes in the history of awkwardness (and I watched American Pie with my grandmother.) The sex was much, and the humour bawdy - one of my flatmates left after five minutes - the only girl - leaving three boys to watch the rest of the drama in awkward silence. It didn't feel right, as each of us tried to avoid any eye-contact throughout. It got worse, there were buttocks and cod-pieces flying about, and at the mention of the word "truncheon" I was forced to leave the room. I felt guilty for leaving my two male friends alone with the sex and paralyzing horror they felt as viewers; but it was a matter of survival.

On any other day, alone, I'd probably have enjoyed it - yet BBC4's "Fanny Hill" provided me with the most terrifying quarter-of-an-hour that I've ever had. And my flatmates still haven't forgiven me.. This wasn't really a review, but I just can't bring myself to describe the plot...I'm still slightly disturbed.

The entire Victorian period has been tainted with girl-on-girl action-

Wait, why didn't I like it?


Blogger Geoff said...

It's written by Andrew Davies - say no more.

Which is a shame because he has got talent underneath that pervy mind.

25 October 2007 at 13:39


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