Sunday, 29 July 2007

Newspaper Websites

I've been bored lately; I suppose you might be able to tell.
Today I decided to compare the different British newspaper websites, judging them on design, content, and actual news. Here are my findings.. (Click the thumbs for full-size)

5. The Sun.
Design - It's like a sex-starved 13 year old has been let loose; with pictures of nekkid women; and a shark.
Content - If you like stories about Big Brother and sharks, you're probably in for a treat.
Actual News - None.

4. The Daily Mail.
Design - A slightly better design here; clean blue on white. Not bad, but too crammed in.
Content - Mostly scandals, gossip and right-wing commentaries about the state of Britain.
Actual News - Minimal, and relegated to the deep recesses of the site... And even that's mostly about the Queen..

3. The Independent.
Design - Slightly boring.
Content - The Independent's penchant for bizarre front-page articles is found on the site too..
Actual News - Situated below the bizarre front-page article. There's lots though.

2. The Times.
Design - Colourful and crisp...I want to say "zesty".
Content - Mostly current news stories, and scattered editorials.
Actual News - Lots and lots...mostly political though.

1. The Guardian.
Design - Similarly crisp and clean to The Times, scrolling news ticker is a rather nice touch
Content - News, sport and media all make the front page.
Actual News - Seemingly all, and none of this monarchy rubbish that the Mail likes so much..

Apologies for the lack of Telegraph, Mirror, and Express coverage, but I simply refused to go on the websites.


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