Thursday, 9 August 2007

BA - A Review.

"We apologise for the significant delay, the current time here in Gatwick is 10:15pm...."
(I was supposed to be home by 9pm)
"...Thankyou for flying with BA, and we hope you had a pleasant experience."

A pleasant experience? Yeah, really chuffing pleasant thanks. The dry, cardboardy sandwich really made up for my five hour wait in Glasgow Airport. And the thimble of orange juice: ("Sorry sir, we don't have anything else") really made up for the fact that I'd had nothing to drink since Oban- and THAT was only thanks to the torrential rain, falling into my open mouth as I gasped in horror at the amount of irritatingly loud people who were getting on my train.

So no, BA. Actually, it wasn't a pleasant experience. Flying seldom is.

I'm not too sure of the direction of this rant....I suppose all I would like to achieve is an overhaul of the official BA vocabulary, replacing the word "pleasant" with, perhaps, "acceptable" or perhaps: "We hope you've not slipped into a frustration-induced coma".

Or they could just not talk to me at all. That'd be quite nice.


Anonymous Martyn said...

It could of been worse, I had a 26 hour delay once. However, that was not with BA, so it kind of defeats the point! But still, delays suck mate.

16 August 2007 at 12:37


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