Sunday, 15 July 2007

Harry Potter Countdown

As a Harry Potter fan, to a worrying degree, I thought I'd raise some points regarding the release of book seven..

These are simply general predictions, based on my loserish knowledge of the books. Get ready, it's going to be exciting.

1. Snape is good. He's in deep cover, and only bumped off Dumbledore because he'd have died, had he not performed Draco's task, and an undercover Snape is more useful than a dead Snape. Dumbledore died because he'd taught Harry all he needed to know about defeating Voldemort. I also reckon he'll probably die as a tragic hero; who's fatal flaw is just being a bit of a knob..

2. Percy will play a bigger role in the 7th book, reconciled somehow with his estranged family. (Possibly through sacrifice?)

3. The new book cover looks like a bad rehash of cult 80's movie "The Goonies".

I'm going to a book-shop at midnight on Friday with a large number of losers (friends) so I'll bung a bunch of pictures up after then!


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