Friday, 10 August 2007

Transformers - Review

There are two ways you can look at Transformers; either by taking the highbrow reviewer's stance of grown-up disdain, or the average movie-goer's popcorn-pleasure.

I do realise how many hyphens there were in that previous statement...I'm having treatment for it.

There's no denying that Transformers is a silly film. It's not particularly intelligent, the political message is stuck halfway between jibes directed at President Bush and his ineptitude, and patriotic American flag-waving. Once again, I'm forced to watch a film about aliens attacking the States, and seemingly nobody else:

Soldier 1 - The Decepticons are coming! They're going to wipe out the entire American race!

Soldier 2 - Don't you mean the entire human race?

Soldier 1 - What did I say?

Once you get past Michael Bay's past disasters for the progress of civilised culture*, it's actually an enjoyable experience; Shia LeBeouf is fantastic, and his female counterpart, Megan a fox indeed.

It's the kind of film where if I were to have a bad accident, and lose half of my brain, I'd probably still be able to enjoy Transformers as much as I did tonight. That's because you can switch off the part of your mind which is thinking: "This is ridiculous" and pay more attention to the part which is screaming:

"There's freaking cars that turn into robots!"

What is not to like.

*The Birds (Remake)
The Hitcher (Remake)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Remake)
The Island (Shit.)


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