Tuesday, 10 July 2007

I did have a humourous post here; comparing Al Qaeda's second in command with "The Hood" from Thunderbirds. I thought this to be very amusing, but was so terrified of a fatwah, that I decided to take it down.

Oh, and I found that my blog was mentioned on the Times website, about my Paul Potts comment...they called me laconical.

I then looked "laconical" up.

Check this bad boy out. I'd be even more please if it'd reached my beloved Independent newspaper, but they were busy running stories about dying dolphins, and cruelty to puffins on the day in question.

Adventures of Cal spotted the same gag everyone else did, but was there more quickly, and more laconically, than the rest of us:

"Paul Potts has won Britain's Got Talent, which is wonderful. It's been a while since an ex-Cambodian Dictator has won a reality TV show. Except for when Hun Sen's ride got pimped... "


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Cal. We have been watching your blog with interest. Your latest post shows a remarkable ability for understated political satire.

We understand you are lazy, and have no qualifications, We are important people who read your blog and want to offer you a job.


A. Liar

11 July 2007 at 22:31


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