Friday, 31 August 2007

Knocked Up - Review

I first saw the trailer for Knocked Up on Valentines Day...that's February 14th.

I don't know about you, dear reader, but I saw the "teaser" for this film on the day of love, and I found it terrifying - accidental pregnancy apparently doesn't turn on either party involved in a first date. Surprising, I know. Upon seeing the trailer, I removed my hand from her knee; my confidence lost. Thanks to this early experience, I was a bit put off, as the subject matter appealed about as much as a discussion about colonic irrigation. (Which doesn't appeal. To me, anyway)

Putting all my preconceptions aside, I was curious to see the film that the Times have called "Near perfect" (yet oddly...only given three stars) and wanted to see for myself what all the fuss was about.

I wasn't disappointed - there were enough laughs to make my payment seem worthwhile, with great moments between the hero, a lovable stoner called Ben Stone (Seth Hogan), and Paul Rudd's character, Pete. It was these fantastic, naturally funny scenes that kept me entertained throughout, yet somewhat casting a comedic shadow over the main storyline - the surprise pregnancy.

I'm sure (from sitting next to an elderly couple) that the more mature viewers would find find the baby-related humour most amusing; there were knowing laughs, and wry smiles throughout - yet for me, it took a lot of willpower not to be begin hyperventilating, when Ben is told of Alison's (Katherine Heigl) pregnancy. For a young man, such as myself, this film was rapidly becoming a scary film.

Yet Ben overcomes it, and Seth's acting abilities make this film for me, particularly when interacting with his idiotic stoner pals, and Pete. For me, the baby issue was a sideline - I was more interested in the relationship between Pete and Ben - new best friends - and the growth of Ben, as he is forced to leave his dream of becoming an adult website designer, and do some growing up. In many ways, the story is similar to that of The 40 Year Old Virgin, yet I found more achingly funny moments in that, rather than Knocked Up, which instead drew amused smiles rather than raucous laughter.

The entire premise unsettled me a little. Yet it was heartwarming enough, the romance between Ben and Alison blossomed, I left with a small smile (and palpitations) and I thanked my lucky stars that there's not more films about pregnancy. Particularly pregnancies which end in graphic birth scenes.


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