Wednesday, 24 October 2007

In this post, "Samanda" is rhymed with "Giant Panda"

Today I shall focus on pop-band "Samanda"
With the musical flair of a deaf giant-panda.
When I first heard their song, it drove me to tears,
I ripped off my fingers to shove in my ears.
"Barbie Girl" is the song that they've stole,
But I think it's really quite good on the whole -
Except for the singing, the tune and the beat,
Look at them though, they're so northern and sweet.
Their accents don't feature - it all sounds so wrong,
But put them on mute and it's quite a good song.
Especially when they're in the bath, that bit's good.

The following clip appears to be the campaign video for the Involuntary Euthanasia Society*. Watch at your own risk.

*I just realised how horrible that was! Oh well. I like them really; it's the sickening music-producer-cretins who should be punished. Maybe they could be locked in a room with this on repeat? Sounds good. Or rather, doesn't.


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