Sunday, 7 October 2007

Cheeky Monks

I've neglected to describe much of my recent travels; the last week has passed in globules of time, sometimes fast and frenetic, sometimes dull and infuriating.

Fresher's week is a strange time for everybody; I suppose there's no other time that you'll be thrust into an environment with thousands of similar-aged people, with fairly few pre-made friends for support - and it's daunting. Thankfully everybody seems to feel this way too (any more references to all-being-in-a-singular-boat, will be treated with possible battery).

As a result, I've already made some friendships that will probably last a long time.

"The times they are a-changing." (I'm not sure who I stole this quote off, but it seems like the kind of obvious, yet oddly profound line that Bob Dylan would come out with. He's a card, isn't he?) Nevertheless, the line is true for this blog. I'd like suggestions as to possible directions, as at the moment I'm about as bewildered and disorganised as the Conservative Party.


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