Friday, 28 September 2007

Apple Sourz?

Apple used to be cool. As a brand, they used to be the slightly cooler - more mysterious older brother of Microsoft, with a unique style and fantastic customer service.

Don't get me wrong, I'm writing this on an Apple Macbook - I think it's awesome - but in the last few months I've completely lost the respect I had for the company who made it.

What happened to the cheerful company who replaced a soldier's iPod for free when it was shot up in Iraq?
What happened to iTunes being so cheap?
Am I still supposed to be convinced by slogans like this?

I'd be more willing to believe this claim if new ranges weren't brought out every year. It just seems to be the biggest money-grabbing ploy, since Tesco's said "Give us all your money!" campaign.

This advert was nearly the last straw; it was just ridiculous. It was nearly as awful as Mitchell and Webb's "Get a Mac" advert campaign for Apple. It made me want to bang my face against my bedroom wall. It showed that Apple knew that they were seen as cool. They ended that problem.

Finally, Apple lost the amoeba-sized pea of respect I had left, by announcing that anybody who unlocked their iPhone to all networks, would have it "permanently inoperable"

And so, the hip older brother, becomes the tyrannical square of a conservative parent.


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