Friday, 31 August 2007

I really DO have a virus.

Excitement gripped the Shake Well offices today, when I realised we'd been hacked. It seems some "joker" has been posting viruses on Blogger sites, and when I tried to view my blog (in no way trying to boost my own hit-count) it went mental.

As you can probably see, it's not COMPLETELY back to turns out I'm rubbish at computers, and couldn't sort the amazing header out; but it'll have to do. If anybody knows how I can put it back to normal..that'd be wonderful!

In other news, I just watched the Big Brother finale, and shockingly...Brian won. Don't get me wrong, I think Brian's about as sweet as a puppy dipped in icing sugar, but it was all a bit predictable in the end. I personally have a soft spot for Jonty, who I see as a great bloke - misunderstood by many of the population on his entrance.

I really should get a life..


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