Thursday, 1 November 2007

Police Found Guilty

Today's breaking news is that the Metropolitan Police have been found guilty of breaching health and safety regulations over the shooting of innocent man Jean Charles de Menezes. I'm glad that the police aren't above the law, but the form of punishment leaves me a little confused.

In order to make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen again, the force is being fined £175,000 and has been ordered to pay £385,000 in costs.

Well I certainly feel more safe now..

I wonder what the Daily Mail would have to say about an even more cash-strapped Police Service? Oh...

They seem to want Sir Ian Blair to resign...because apparently a disorganised and heavily fined Police Service is better than what we've got now. I do understand the tragedy, and horror behind the death of an innocent man, but I've also come to understand the reality of policing. The shooting was two short weeks after suicide bombers killed more than 50 commuters on the tube, and the heightened tension led to horrifying mistakes being made. I agree that somebody needed to take responsibility for the death, but fining a public service and calling for the heads of the leaders seems a little counter-productive.

Anyway, nobody ever seems to call for someone's promotion when the police foil a terror plot....Maybe I'll do that next time.


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