Tuesday, 24 April 2007

How I became a Youtube hit...sort of.

Call me a loser, (enough people have today) but when the new Harry Potter trailer came out on Sunday, I whacked it on Youtube, so all the other losers could congregate, and discuss.

It's been a bit of a popular video..about 59,000 people have been cool enough to watch it.
So far, the top comment has been:
"WOW! OMG I'm wetting myself!"

Call me old-fashioned, but I found that a little too much information.

Ever since I put the video on Youtube, I've wished I hadn't; every time I check my emails, I've got another 21 messages telling me that some other moron has commented on the video. I wouldn't mind if it paid some kind of intellectual homage to the legend which is Harry Potter.. but most of them seem to be:

"A blonde girl ignored one of these messages, then died. Post this on 24,000 videos to..not..die."

It just winds me up, s'all.


Blogger danny said...

now if you started reading this dont stop its really scarey!ok send this to five other videos in 143 minutes.When you are done press F6 and your crushes name will apear on the screen in big letters this is weird because it does work.If you break this chance you wont have a crush in the next five years.

oh yes.

24 April 2007 at 18:43


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