Thursday, 31 May 2007

The First of Two Rants

This is going to be my first rant on this blog, with the second following soon after.

Both vents are film related, and the next will be about my hatred for any kind of movie-montage; where the passage of time is shown through irritating scenes spliced together because the director didn't want to just say: "Three months later". I for one could probably imagine Rocky training, the nun's painting the convent in Sister Act, and the guy who supposedly can't dance (in every dance-related movie ever) learn to dance.

Today however, I'd like to address an epidemic that is breaking out among teen-comedies. If I see one more boy waiting outside a girls classroom then, seeing the back of her head, chasing after her to grab her attention, I'm probably going to kill something.

I'm sure it's romantic and all, but I don't know if you've ever tried to wait outside someone's class/school/dancehall but it's often quite difficult to pick them out in the crowd from behind. I've tried. I thought 10 Things I hate about You was a great film, but the whole waiting-outside-to-grab (WOTG) issue annoyed me.

Two other films which involve WOTG scenes are:
John Tucker Must Die
Step up.

More to be added, if watching them doesn't make me slip into a rage-induced coma.


Blogger danny said...

I quite liked the montage in Notting Hill where Hugh Grant is walking through the streets as the seasons change around him. In fact I quite like montages overall.

1 June 2007 at 18:30

Blogger Cal said...

You're not wrong actually, that's a good one!

It's the training montages, or cleaning ones, or building....I just cry.

1 June 2007 at 18:34


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