Saturday, 12 May 2007

Homer Simpson and the Pizza Delivery Chain.

I'm not a big fan of celebrity endorsed products.. whenever Penelope Cruz attempts to sell me hair colouring shampoo, I'm totally put right off. (I use Herbal Essences. It brings out the "real woman inside", which I found intriguing.)

Anti-aging cream sponsored by Jane Fonda? No thanks, the woman looks like the cricket ball I'm breaking-in for the summer season.

Anyway, the latest offending advert is a Domino's commercial sponsored by the Simpsons. This falls down for me in a number of areas:
Firstly, Homer Simpson is not a shape I'd like to be. (Though sadly am)
Secondly, I instantly forget it's an advertisement, and settle down expecting a full 22 minute episode. Picture my disappointment when I spot "This is an advertisement" in the corner.

Disappointment does not make a happy shopper; it's enough to make me want to binge eat.

....ah genius! Depress the viewer into wanting to eat himself into a carb-induced coma, while at the same time, entertaining him with a whimsical anecdote about a fat, yellow man. (Who's my hero by the way).

I know Homer Simpson's catchphrase is "dough!", but this is getting ridiculous.
(If that's not a pun-and-a-half, then I'm Fidel Castro.)


Blogger danny said...

I'm afraid I agree with you. Looks like the cult of celebrity touches even politicians these days. I honestly do think the LibDems would not have done anywhere near as badly were people to appreciate party values and goals forst, leaders second. Incidentally, I only just saw your other blog, which dare I say it, was even better than this one!

12 May 2007 at 17:42


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