Saturday, 20 September 2008

Dry Spell.

Whatever I had, I seem to have lost... my writing skills are now so appalling that I put semi-colons where I shouldn't, and hyphens in the middle of ill-advised phrases. I'm not sure I even know what a clause is any more, parenthetic or otherwise, and this saddens me.

I'm not even amusing. There was a time I'd think of something dry to write on my blog, and there was a time people would read it. Those times are not now. I read Charlie Brooker's blog, I read blogs by more amusing young people like Nick Kocher and the HugeinAsia guys, and it makes me sad. Here is a poem to mark my sadness.

Over Whelming Blackness
I wept today.
Wept into the wilting petals of a dead flower.
It was raining,
Raining like the rain in my soul.
Rain. Raaaaaaaain.

Anyway, I start another year at university soon, and thanks to my awkward social skills and lack of attractive qualities, there will hopefully be some amusingly humiliating anecdotes to share. Like the time (in August) that I fell into a peat-bog, and spent the evening making people feel ill.


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