Sunday, 15 February 2009

Noo Moosic

1. Little Boots

She won the BBC sound of 2009 whatsit, and she's pretty good. She does free mixtapes which can be AMAZING. She started off doing songs and covers in her bedroom.
But now she's a bit more professional...

2. Dan Black
I've been going on about him for ages...he did a cover of Biggie's Hypnotize which came out awesome, and he's got some other songs and an album on the way.

3. French Horn Rebellion
These guys are just amazing... and I wish their CD was out in Britain, since we're clearly a superior country.

4. Theophilus London
I only stumbled across him recently, but I like it all. Giving away his album for free too, which is quite cheap.

5. Frankmusik
Here's a song by Frank.. it might be as camp as Christmas in a unitard but it's pretty cool.

6. The Lonely Island
They do music and sketches for SNL, and they've brought out an album. It's pretty funny. Quite a bit more entertaining than this note.

7. Flight of the Conchords
I still love these guys, and while they used up 99% of their material in the first series, the latest season has some gems. Oh and then they break it down.

Let me know if you read this, and liked/hated/didn't listen to any of these! I'm curious.

EDIT 17/3/09: Because the British music industry are a bunch of fupping morons who live lifes based on flipcharts and prosecuting pirates, they've decided to ban all official music videos from youtube. In this AMAZINGLY ASTUTE move, they hope to push all legitimate music fans into finding music in other ways. Probably illegal ways.

Great plan though, take away all the legal ways of listening to music, then wonder why SALES PLUMMET AND NOBODY HEARS YOUR MUSIC.


Blogger darkeneddreams said...

Thanks for the little boots link, I had a gander and I liked rather a lot :)

Looks like I'll be here a while, look forward to more tips..

Are you a user?

25 March 2009 at 14:50


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