Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Oh! Hi there.

I want to make this a bit more like a normal blog, with things from my ACTUAL REAL LIFE included. So, here's a snapshot.

I'm a day away from a massive deadline, and the last two weeks have been spent in a sobbing heap in Lancaster University Library, finishing (and starting) three essays on subjects I don't understand.

From somewhere I seem to have found the 7500, that's SEVENTY FIVE HUNDRED words I needed. I'm not sure if they're in the right order, or even if they're the right words, but they'll do for now.

On Friday I hop on a train to Scotland at 9am, and should get to Iona in the evening. I can't wait... it's hardly the most busy place, but I love it... and the pub's just opened after being closed for the winter. Yay! I spent almost every night of last summer in that pub, and it was time well spent. At least, it probably was... I don't really remember.

So, stuff that I've got planned for this year and will be writing about is...(are?)...will be*:
  • Exams in May
  • End of Exams in June
  • Sleeping for most of June
  • Spending July and August on the island
  • Going to the States in the Autumn (hopefully!)
  • Beginning my third year
  • Reforming Wham/ releasing Best of
Oh, and have a doodle of Godzilla.


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