Wednesday, 13 June 2007

I always do this. A momentary lapse of self-control, and I bought Hot Fuzz on DVD.

The worst part?

It's a 2-disc, special-features-packed Goliath of a DVD. You'd have thought that with some very important exams coming up, I'd be working as hard as a cart-horse with ADHD, but sadly no. Over the past two days, I've watched the film, every special feature, and the director's commentary....

I now want to direct the ultimate British film. As Hot Fuzz was the village-version of The Wickerman, I'm going to make an ultra-violent remake of The Notebook. It's going to be cranium-crackingly awesome.

Oh, and I've also been watching both Holby Blue, and The Bill...It's created a problem within my mind; creating some kind of uber-cop-drama, that I like to call "Holby Bill." I'm finding it increasingly difficult to remember which is which; who's the bent coppa? Who's been sleepin' with the Guv's missus?


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