Friday, 4 January 2008

The Week That Was....(..rubbish.)

It's been a busy week for news, for a number of different reasons...

  • Mark Speight was arrested in connection with the sudden death of his fiancee. Shocking and tragic, so there won't be any flippant remarks for this one (my history teacher told me I was too flippant once, so I told her she looked like a character from the Wizard of Oz). Mark Speight used to present SMart, and people my age grew up with his demonstrations using sticky-back plastic and pritt-stick, a big shame.
  • Intel pulled out of the project which aims to give underprivileged children laptops, citing "philosophical differences." Damn kids, free information for all? Pah. A mighty corporation like Intel needs to be wary of helping people, or they'll get a reputation for being decent human beings.
  • A vomiting (and diarrhea) bug has swept the nation in a wave of hysteria and nausea. I'm still holding out for an epidemic of some kind of humourous disease.. like syphilis. Not sure what the chances are, but one can hope. At the rate Paris Hilton's been going lately, I'm sure my dream isn't far off.
Oh, and America's holding some elections or something. I don't really care who wins, as long as George Bush goes away soon. If he's re-elected (if that's possible) we'll just know that God probably listens to country and western, and shoots road signs as he drives past on the freeway. Yee-haw.


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