Sunday, 25 November 2007

iPod Teeny-Tiny

So I gave in. After 7 months of using an mp3 player that didn't actually work with my computer, I decided to buy an iPod Nano.

I may do a review about it soon - that is if I haven't lost it by then, because it's so darn small. Losing it isn't my only worry; I'm scared I might accidentally swallow it, or inhale it, or sit on it. Sitting on it apparently won't break it, as it's sturdy and robust...but I'm scared that if I sit on it, it'll somehow be assimilated into my's THAT small.

Despite all the things I love about it, and its practicalities, watching videos on it is a bit like watching a 20-inch television that's in your front-room in London, while you're in France. The screen is crisp and bright, but even with my face pressed up against it, it doesn't give me the full cinematic experience.

The wheel is also a bit small - my stubby fingers press things by accident, and I've already managed to smear my fingerprints across the silver bit on the back...

I don't deserve to have an iPod. At least I can finally listen to all my niche podcasts on the move!

(Reviews of niche podcasts to follow soon)


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