Thursday, 29 November 2007

Drama - Part One

I'm not having a good week.

I like to think this week has been the worst week since Mr Farynor left the oven on.

Lancaster, up till now, has pleasantly surprised me with its combination of rustic charm, and shell-suit clad nutters. That said, when I slept through my alarm last Wednesday, and only had 5 minutes for a shower, I could have cried when I found that the only water to be found, was dribbling in a warm stream, from my shower head. Whilst my shower was putting on its pitiful display, I scrabbled around in search of something to catch the single stream of water in - finding my small earthenware goblet I held it under the trickle of water and, when full, threw the contents onto my face. This was repeated as many times as necessary, and I arrived at my seminar a gibbering, dripping, swearing mess.
Like all great disasters however, the drama was not over. "You should now be re-connected" leered emails from the University, "make sure you boil your water thoroughly". This wouldn't have been as provocative if we'd actually had water, but as a flat, we were contemplating bleeding the radiators for washing up water...and I for one was not looking forward to brushing my teeth with Tizer.

Stay tuned for another angry post about my housing situation. Hopefully next week will be a little better, and I'll only lose an arm, or go blind, or something hilarious for the blog.


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