Friday, 22 May 2009


Sod off, blog. You thought you'd defeated me, didn't you? You thought that just because nobody ever visits, and you've had the same layout since 2007 that I'd give up. Don't deny it. Stupid blog.

Oh! Hello, I'm sorry you had to see that.

Welcome to Cal's blog FOURPOINTOH.

Listening/// The Gossip - Heavy Cross (born sweaty remix)

Doing/// Revising ano....anomo...aphonomalous...anomalous monism. It's going a bit shit, have to admit. My rhyming class is kicking arse tho... sadly that's only a half module.

Watching/// Doctor Who (season 2), Lethal Weapon 2, Kung Fu Panda (not 2)

Reading/// Harry Potter and Phil's Stone

Next Week/// Second philosophy exam. Goody.

Sneezing/// Regularly

Photographical evidence I've been out of the flat at least once this week///


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