Friday, 25 May 2007

Open Season.....

Since I mentioned (oh so long ago) that I'd watched Open Season...I thought I owed you a review.

Sorry it's been so quiet lately, but the "Shake Well Before Use" enterprise has been upscaled somewhat. (Will I regret buying 3000sq. feet of office space? I think not.) What can I say, I like to give my readership of around 4, something good to sink their proverbial teeth into.

Open season was a strange one...despite having the humour that all good animated films contain, and the accomplished computer-animated visuals, the storyline let it down tremendously. To some up this film, it's pretty much Finding Nemo's illegitimate love-child with Shrek. Instead of a fish or an ogre however, "Boog", a bear (and basically Baloo from the Jungle Book) meets an annoying side-kick, a deer called Elliot, and together they try to find their home.

The voice-acting is also bizarre...Martin Lawrence as a bear? Ashton Kutcher as a deer? Ashton Kutcher as a human is hard enough for me to accept. And a squirrel played by Billy Connolly just finished me off.

The film isn't completely devoid of charm however, there are a number of competent jokes, but these run dry after the first hour; and my enjoyment levels dropped towards the end, as I secretly hoped that the hunter would catch them, and I'd be able to go to the loo.