Thursday, 24 April 2008

Would You Rather....

In a recent philosophy lecture about morality, my lecturer chuckled and said (this was relevant at the time): "Most of us would agree that it's common sense to want to live in the real world. To be hooked up to some kind of matrix, being fed endless pleasurable experiences would be nice, but surely not preferable to real life?"

He then asked us (the 150 odd philosophy cool-kids) what we thought. I was one of about 5 people who put their hands up for the pleasure-matrix.

It sounds fun.

Come on, what's so special about real life? The highs may be dizzying, yes, but they're interspersed between filling out passport renewal forms and buying loo roll from the Co-op. I don't understand why so few people in my lecture agreed...perhaps they'd nodded off like the girl next to me, but still. Endless happiness and pleasure in a make-believe world? Sounds amazing to me...

Disney World here I come.