Friday, 27 July 2007

BBC's iPlayer

The Beeb's new service begins today, allowing internet users the chance to watch their missed programmes online! I can't wait! It's so brilliant, that the BBC are letting everyone watch online content, it's fantas-

Oh it doesn't work on my Apple Mac.

But it's called "iPlayer"?! They pretty much stole the name from Apple, and it's not going to be compatible? Pah. Maybe I'll just stick to watching telly on the.....telly.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

I've just been told that Penguin have chosen me to be one of 20 reviewers to cover a Penguin Classic book. I think they send out a free copy, and I'm supposed to write a review, and it goes on their site somewhere.

It's all very exciting, this "Blog a Penguin Classic" initiative; but I'm now feeling the pressure. Which classic will I get? Will I understand the complex sentence framework and character arcs? Will I be allowed to call the author a "knob" in my review?

I'm now desperately trying to research more into this scheme, to find out what goes, and what guidelines I must stick to.

I'd better get a short book too; if I get War & Peace, I'm swapping with someone. Or I'll just read the first chapter and Wikipedia it. (Joking, if any Penguins see this)