Saturday, 16 June 2007

Jekyll - Review

Obviously this hasn't finished yet, and I'll do a proper job when it's done, but I'd just like to say how pleasantly surprised I am..

As Jekyll, his nice Volvo estate head towards the camera, which white lights shining brightly at the viewer; but when changed, the camera only shows the back-end of the car....the intense red brake lights.

EDIT: So far, this drama is really impressive. An impressive drama? On Saturday night?

I suppose my judgement might be slightly biased by the fact I'd been watching Britain's Got Talent which had made me want to pull off each of my fingers to stuff in every sense-receiving orifice, but I look forward to next week's episode of this unsettling drama.

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

I always do this. A momentary lapse of self-control, and I bought Hot Fuzz on DVD.

The worst part?

It's a 2-disc, special-features-packed Goliath of a DVD. You'd have thought that with some very important exams coming up, I'd be working as hard as a cart-horse with ADHD, but sadly no. Over the past two days, I've watched the film, every special feature, and the director's commentary....

I now want to direct the ultimate British film. As Hot Fuzz was the village-version of The Wickerman, I'm going to make an ultra-violent remake of The Notebook. It's going to be cranium-crackingly awesome.

Oh, and I've also been watching both Holby Blue, and The Bill...It's created a problem within my mind; creating some kind of uber-cop-drama, that I like to call "Holby Bill." I'm finding it increasingly difficult to remember which is which; who's the bent coppa? Who's been sleepin' with the Guv's missus?

Sunday, 10 June 2007

My First Exam.

It's been more than 24 hours since my A2 History exam on Napoleon; I've just about had enough time to calm down. Here's a little tidbit.

I sat down at my paper, and began to write.

Around half the time was left, when, flicking through what I'd written so far, I realised I'd done something embarassing. Two pages had been stuck together, and I'd completely ignored them. I now had two completely blank pages in the middle of my answer.

In the great scheme of things, it's not very exciting; but in the moment, I was devastated. I tentatively rose my hand to attract the attention of one of those irritating hovering people, and one wafted over to my seat at the back of the hall.

Invigilator - What's the problem?

Me - Oh god, I've just missed out two pages. Look, they were stuck together! Should I start some kind of infill process?!

Now I think I should mention that I've got the sort of voice that carries; particularly when I'm trying to attract as little attention as possible. I was at the back of the exam hall, and almost everybody in the room turned to look at me, with an incredulous look on every face; as if I'd just announced my desire to become World's Strongest Man.

Inv. - Can't you just write "please see 2 pages ahead"?

Me - Well....yes. I suppose I could..

After the fiasco in my history exam, my confidence is dented. I've got English tomorrow, and so far the best annotations I have in "The Duchess of Malfi" are from when I sneezed on my open copy yesterday.