Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Four TV Shows You Should Watch.

Damages - Intelligent and brutally realistic, Damages is more a tense legal drama than anything else, but like "The Shield" (Channel 5), the first episode reveals an exciting twist that continues through the entire series. The writing is sharp, and there's enough tension, and smouldering performances from Ted Danson, and Glenn Close make it near perfection.

The first episode is free on iTunes, and really worth watching. It can also be caught on iPlayer.

Ashes to Ashes - If you liked "Life on Mars", which I'm hoping you did, this is worth watching. The premise is stretched near to breaking point, with Gene Hunt looking no older than he did in the Seventies, and bizarre nods to the A-Team and Miami Vice...that said, the locations are brilliant, and there is such attention to detail that it really does feel like the Eighties. The era plays one of the most important roles in the show, making it into a weird period drama. Hopefully things will settle down a bit as the series continues, and I'm excited.

You can still catch the first episode on iPlayer if you're VERY quick!

Kingdom - Kingdom fits perfectly into the Sunday evening slot. With Stephen Fry, and his merry band of light-hearted lawyers, watching this is a bit like being patted lovingly on the head whilst lounging on a beanbag. It's as gentle as it can possibly be, without turning into an episode of Miss Marple. Ever since Monarch of the Glen finished, the British public have been floundering, yet Kingdom is back once again, to comfort and soothe.

Reaper - E4's latest import from the USA, I didn't even watch Reaper to begin with. A young guy who discovers that he's the spawn of Satan? Who then has to go round harvesting souls who have escaped hell? Sounds as hilarious as Margaret Thatcher's stand-up routine. But it actually is good. The characters aren't nearly as annoying as they sound, with the devil being played brilliantly as an overly tanned, white toothed, suit-wearing executive. There's a bit of romance, no shortage of slapstick, and some great set pieces. It's not going to win at the Emmys, but it's worth a watch.