Wednesday, 27 May 2009

S'nearly June

I don't get exams. I understand why exams are important at school, to keep kids from being happy and make sure they don't run around in the sunshine and overdose on Vitamin D, but at university I don't see the point. I do philosophy, which during term-time means pretending to read philosophy books, and writing mediocre essays to hand in at the end of each term... but at the end of each year, you have to write everything you're supposed to have learned in the year on a piece of paper in 3 hours, with no notes/books/toys, and that's apparently how to be a philosopher. You know, for people who're supposed to be clever, universities don't seem all that switched on.

Doing/// Went to see Eddie Izzard at the Lancaster theatre which was ace, except I got pins and needles in my fingers and thought I was having a stroke. Any thoughts?

Listening /// Hazards of Love - The Decemberists, Do You Like Rock Music? - British Sea Power

Watching /// Reaper, The Wire - Season 2

Reading /// Harry Potter 1. Yes, I know, still, but I've been reading it since Christmas. Like I said, I don't read, I just pretend to because people think it's clever. I probably should pretend to read adult books though...

Scared of /// The BNP, North Korea, David Cameron's forehead

Twitter/// Is stealing my soul. Something I never knew I needed, but now can't live without. Nothing puts your life in perspective like following an astronaut. Yeah, alright, Mark Polansky (@Astro_127) but I bought a donut from Greggs today, and it was YUMMY.

Photographical evidence I've been out of the flat at least once this week///