Saturday, 11 August 2007

Because you can't be too skinny or psychotic.

The new iMac. Because anorexia and megalomania are OK now... In fact, with the new iMac, taking over the world (while not eating) is much easier; using iCal and iWork, crushing your enemies has never been easier!

What a ridiculous advert. When I saw that picture in my inbox, I was pretty sure it was one of those spam messages, telling me that my wife will love me more if I lose pounds. What with the obesity problems in America, and the idea that all power corrupts (the hard-drive?), it's not inspired me to rush out and buy one.

Although it has made me hungry.


Friday, 10 August 2007

Transformers - Review

There are two ways you can look at Transformers; either by taking the highbrow reviewer's stance of grown-up disdain, or the average movie-goer's popcorn-pleasure.

I do realise how many hyphens there were in that previous statement...I'm having treatment for it.

There's no denying that Transformers is a silly film. It's not particularly intelligent, the political message is stuck halfway between jibes directed at President Bush and his ineptitude, and patriotic American flag-waving. Once again, I'm forced to watch a film about aliens attacking the States, and seemingly nobody else:

Soldier 1 - The Decepticons are coming! They're going to wipe out the entire American race!

Soldier 2 - Don't you mean the entire human race?

Soldier 1 - What did I say?

Once you get past Michael Bay's past disasters for the progress of civilised culture*, it's actually an enjoyable experience; Shia LeBeouf is fantastic, and his female counterpart, Megan a fox indeed.

It's the kind of film where if I were to have a bad accident, and lose half of my brain, I'd probably still be able to enjoy Transformers as much as I did tonight. That's because you can switch off the part of your mind which is thinking: "This is ridiculous" and pay more attention to the part which is screaming:

"There's freaking cars that turn into robots!"

What is not to like.

*The Birds (Remake)
The Hitcher (Remake)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Remake)
The Island (Shit.)

Duart Castle

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From the Oban to Craignure ferry.

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Thursday, 9 August 2007

BA - A Review.

"We apologise for the significant delay, the current time here in Gatwick is 10:15pm...."
(I was supposed to be home by 9pm)
"...Thankyou for flying with BA, and we hope you had a pleasant experience."

A pleasant experience? Yeah, really chuffing pleasant thanks. The dry, cardboardy sandwich really made up for my five hour wait in Glasgow Airport. And the thimble of orange juice: ("Sorry sir, we don't have anything else") really made up for the fact that I'd had nothing to drink since Oban- and THAT was only thanks to the torrential rain, falling into my open mouth as I gasped in horror at the amount of irritatingly loud people who were getting on my train.

So no, BA. Actually, it wasn't a pleasant experience. Flying seldom is.

I'm not too sure of the direction of this rant....I suppose all I would like to achieve is an overhaul of the official BA vocabulary, replacing the word "pleasant" with, perhaps, "acceptable" or perhaps: "We hope you've not slipped into a frustration-induced coma".

Or they could just not talk to me at all. That'd be quite nice.