Saturday, 20 October 2007

Playing Catchup

A sad day. Not only were England beaten in the world cup final by the Boks, but the site that most students have as their homepage has been shut down. I refer, of course, to
Tv-links doesn't host any illegal videos, it just points you in the direction of them - this raises the point, in my mind, of where the law lies: if I point someone in the direction of a shop, which he then robs, am I an accessory? Or will my blog be shut down if I even mention the existence of the pirate bay?

Youtube seem to be getting away with it quite nicely; their founders clearly have a little too much money to be troubled by the police, after all it's the corporations who make the law.

On a lighter note, has anybody seen the new J-Lo video? To summarise, it involves said diva beating up men. I don't have a problem about this per se, but replace "J-Lo" with "Meatloaf", and "men" with "women" and you've got a lawsuit on your hands. Is it just me who worries about domestic violence from the other angle? I know plenty of scary girls - and the bruises to prove it. If it were the other way round, there'd be an uproar, surely? Or am I as out of touch as the Conservative party? (Have I used that before?)

In other news, Dumbledore's been outed as gay. Evangelican Americans are doubly scared of the Harry Potter phenomenon now, as not only is it turning our children into demons, but now they'll want to be gay too, just like their favourite Headmaster. I think it's great personally, as not only does it work quite nicely, but it brings the Harry Potter world more into reality - after all supposedly one in ten are homosexual - even in Hogwarts. I personally think Colin Creevey and Pansy Parkinson. Any thoughts?

  • Here's a thought: if light travelled more slowly, say one metre a second, would we be able to see into the past? Would 100m away be 100 seconds in the past? Would I be able to stop Kiefer Sutherland from making Season 6 of 24? That would be my main concern.

To conclude this, the worst post ever, I'd like to announce that I was 19 on Wednesday. But I've decided to defer all future birthdays, as I'm not old enough to be 19, let alone any higher number.

Monday, 15 October 2007

Menzies Out.

I was going to do a post today about some comedic happenings in my recent life, but I saw the news, and decided to stand up for a beleaguered man.

Menzies Campbell was a capable leader of the Liberal Democrats, and even though, as a party, they might not have earned as many votes as the other two Political juggernauts, he appeared to be a man of integrity and pride. The way he was criticised due to his age is tantamount to discrimination, and the politicians and political commentators who raised doubts over his abilities, should be ashamed of themselves.

The Lib Dems have always appealed to me, partly because, as the third party, they don't need to engage in the squabbling, back-stabbing, and general pettiness that Labour and The Conservatives indulge in. David Cameron recently stated that Gordon Brown was treating the public "like fools", when old Sporkface happily grabs any opportunity to appear to be hip, and he happily announced his too-good-to-be-true policies in a bid to sway the opinion polls.

And don't even get me started on Labour stealing Tory policies...Politics upsets me. I'm only a teenager, but I find most politicians cynical and patronising. I need a sit-down...