Friday, 4 April 2008

Witness the Fitness

Recently I've been trying to get fit, and what with being lazy and scared of the outside world, it's been a challenge.

I'm hoping to make my physique a little less smudged around the edges, and toughen up and tone. I want to tone.

That said, I did see an advert for Channel Five's sensitive documentary about Manuel Uribe, entitled "The Man Who Crushed his Entire Family." Or something like that. Anyway, it seems that finding someone who weighs ten times your weight is quite the ego-boost...

Here is a list of Sports I have failed at:

Football - tended to hack.
Squash - the ball doesn't bounce enough.
Running - only crazy people like running.
Swimming - someone once made whale noises, which put me off it.

As the year continues, I plan on trying out sports such as:

There may be photographic evidence. I suppose I'd better show everyone a "before" picture, just so you know what I'm trying improve on.