Friday, 8 February 2008

You Know What, Rowan?

I still think you're ace. You're the wisest, most awesomest person in the country, and anybody who says otherwise is a wally, jumping on the criticising-bandwagon. It'll blow over soon, Rowan, they won't be able to stay angry at that face for long.


Wednesday, 6 February 2008

You Know Your Country's Boring When...

Another country's primary elections make headline news. Every day. Seriously though : Primaries. YAY. I'm so excited I could haemorrhage. I now know every detail about the US elections, because it's everywhere - it's on my news, on my internet, in my newspaper... I actually feel cheated that I won't be able to vote.

And yet, would an American know who David Cameron is? Would an American know who the leader of the Lib Dems is? I don't even know that. I liked Ming.

America's ridiculously important. It's so important, that when an stockbroker has a slight moment, the entire world economy collapses, and we're left living in cardboard and eating cold beans. It's so important, that the rest of the world has to suffer its culture ("America's Next Top Model..." Really?) and now, more than ever, it's politics.

I know everyones ecstatic about Bush leaving soon.... I'm as thrilled as an Englishman can be without bursting into flames. But I just don't care anymore who the next President could've all bored me too much.

It could be a Golden Retriever called Richard for all I care. And at least Richard would keep his speeches short and rhetoric free. Richard wouldn't base his decisions on the wishes of the wealthy few...Richard wouldn't hold bizarre belief systems, or accidentally choke on pretzels.

Actually, I'm beginning to like this idea...